Summer blues are nearly over

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With the end of July rapidly approaching it’s time for the horses to come back in.

We have had a fairly busy summer, never actually going below 60% full. Various spring & summer jumpers and a nice batch of young flat horses to keep us busy. All coupled with the yearly steam-clean and painting affort that takes place in every yard up and down the country. New and returning staff have started arriving and the place is alive with anticipation.

Over this last week we have had various arrivals from owners facilites and our own grazing alike, all marking the start of preparations for the winter season for the team. Chesterfield has summered very well at his syndicate leaders lovely setup in the oxfordshire hills above Lambourne. Westerbee has done very well for her time at grass and has a few extra pounds that will need to be shifted before she will see a racetrack. Somchine was hacked around our round gallop yesterday for the first time after his holidays and shows all his usual signs of a horse that is chomping at the bit to get back in to proper work and is completely ignoring his advancing years.