There are various ownership options from clubs & large syndicates to partnerships and on to full or multiple racehorse ownership.

Types of Ownership

If you would like to experience the thrill of owning a racehorse but are not sure how to go about it or what sort of ownership may suit you, I hope our guide will help. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 01980 626344 or 07702559634 or James on 07554995390.

Here at Wilsford Stables we want you to share in the excitement and exhilaration that only being involved with the thoroughbred racehorse can create. The feeling of owning a finely tuned athlete as powerful as the racehorse is second to none and we hope one of our ownership types fulfills your needs.




Full Ownership

Owning a horse outright, yes this maybe the most expensive option, however, you have complete control and with a little luck all of the excitement and returns! Running in your colours, in your name with your final say on jockey, course and conditions. As a full owner you will have the opportunity to choose your own horse – whether you want a young unproven, often un-named horse that has not raced yet with all the potential in the world, or an older horse with previous form to give you a little more certainty. Seamus attends many sales both here and overseas and is always keen to secure you a good deal!

Partnerships and Syndicates

The thrill of being a successful racehorse owner is immense, so why not share some of the fun with friends and/or family? If you want to spread some of the cost then why not form a partnership or syndicate? Partnerships and syndicates can choose their own colours and horse and a name under which to run the horse. However, should you wish to join one of our exisiting yard partnerships please see below and/or contact us here in the office.

Woodford Valley Racing – Syndicate

Woodford Valley Racing has been lucky enough to have had Cheltenham and Galway Festival runners in the past. SPECTACULAR HOPE, COLD MOUNTAIN, MANHATTAN SPRING have all run for the syndicate.

Woodford Racing currently have one horse – En Coeur, a 2014 bay gelding; he has been a fantastic servant to the syndicate winning and being placed on many occasions, WVR Racing post profile.

If you fancy learning more about opportunities with the Woodford Valley Racing Partnership please feel free to contact Roy Stammers by email : roystam1874@gmail.com or Seamus on his mobile 07702 559634.


Seamus Mullins Racing Club

The smallest outlay but with huge amounts of fun. Join our small and personal racing club and be one of a maximum 40 members to enjoy the three horses we have in training. Click RACING CLUB to find out more.

SMRC Racing post profile

Training Fees
All in (12 month)- £1900 Single horse – £1725 Multiple Horses
(Training, Racing, Shoes, Transport, Routine vet, Clipping, Physio, Galloping, Flu vacs) – (No Major Vet)

-Full training fee £58.00 per day
-Multiple horses in training £52.00 per day
-Breaking fee £50.00 per day
-Walker fee £40.00 per day
-Summer grazing £18.00 per day
-Stable/Winter grazing/Box rest £32.00 per day

No Gallop or Facility Fees!

Race Day Expenses
Racing expenses £110.00
Overnight racing £150.00

Transport £1.25 per mile
Outside transport at cost