Bedtime Reading

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Afternoon All – well it’s a big week ahead for Team Mullins, off to Ayr to land some decent prizes but back to that in a moment as I must not forget to mention, regrettably, the Annual Charity race at Larkhill this Saturday has been cancelled due to the lack of rain resulting already in the ground being too firm.

Great shame as it’s always well supported from people at the yard. This year Philippa Downing was making her 100th appearance, Tracey Keeping was intending to make a virgin debut whilst Ronnie Ridout obviously had no intention of turning up – despite horse and colours etc all being arranged – he buggered off to Cape Verde with Michelle to avoid his overweight being announced over the speaker system (1 stone overweight I understand, more than that when he returns back to this country!).

Never mind Ronnie, there is always next year – plenty of time to prepare and even Kevin Watson from Caloona Racing is in training after threatening to take part. – just 5 stone to go Kev, plenty of time to lay off those pies.

Right, I digress, back to the week ahead.

Stable going well, Romeo Americo won for the Racing Club last Sunday at Plumpton and we’ve had a couple of seconds this week with Flugzeug (yes I know there were only two runners but they all count!) and I See You Well.

Reg called me this week in his excitement once he heard from the Boss that he was off to Ayr on another jolly boys outing with James.

I did have to tell him that Ayr was in Scotland so take some warm clothes; I think he had just packed his Speedos thinking he was off to a warmer climate!

I spoke to Steph in the office earlier in the week and she said she was going to be the brains in the office, Mission Control she called it!, as the Boss was going up North via saddling a few winners at Southwell. God help the rest of us but I was assured as I heard Ali rustling in the biscuit tin so she was not alone!

Steph said she had just booked the accommodation for Reg and James, a twin room above a pub? All sounded a bit rough and ready, a bit seedy? At least that’s better than last time they went to Aintree because they had to share a double bed on that occasion!

When I told Reg this he said it will be ok this time as he would be taking a cork for his bottom! I presumed then all the food and champagne must have upset his stomach at Aintree but I didn’t want to ask.

Dan was cracked up laughing because they will have to share a twin room – he thinks he ‘s sorted because him and Seamus are travelling up to Ayr together after Southwell – again, finding accommodation en route and he was happy to tell me that Seamus always stays in a decent place.

I was quick to agree with him, Yes Seamus does always stay in a decent place but when I spoke to him this week the only four poster bed you have in mind Dan will be an upturned park bench somewhere on Southwell High Street!

Dan quipped back that was untrue because he had his passport packed to get into Scotland!

I told him the Boss also added that he hoped you liked Scotland because if you don’t ride a double on Saturday on both Chesterfield and Somchine you won’t be getting a lift home and it’s a damn long walk!

All good fun and looking forward to a memorable weekend ahead. We are a professional yard! Good luck Reg and if I don’t see you again Dan please send us down some shortbread!

Regards to all,  Paul