Life After Racing – Somchine

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Somchine was a longtime member of Wilsford Stables. We broke him in as a youngster and he spent his whole racing life with us, giving his owners some unforgettable days racing. Somchine ran 38 times under rules and won 7 of those, came 2nd in 8 and 3rd in 3. He did suffered a couple of injuries during his career, thnakfully none too serious, but after sustaining a small tear in a ligament at the point of the hock in early October 2019, the decision was made to retire him at the age of 11. We¬†started looking for a suitable home for Somchine where he could continue his box rest before being walked out in hand and progressing from there and along came Claire, who fell in love with him! Claire collected Somchine at the beginning of November and he is progressing well and has started slow ridden work. He is kept at the same livery yard as Micquus so they can retire¬†together. I’m sure you will agree that he looks more than happy with his new life after racing and many thanks to Claire for giving him a lovely new home.