What An Amazing Weekend!

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Well, well, well, could it get any better??? It certainly did with a cracking weekend at Ayr providing two third placed efforts from ROBINROYALE and SOMCHINE – All connections present, not sure if all present and correct following their equine machine’s superb efforts!


And then, to top it all, they go and do it again – WHO ? Who you ask, only Mowgli Sansom and CHESTERFIELD for Rumble Racing in picking up £60,000 prize money for first place in the Scottish Champion Hurdle!


Even Mike Cattermole on Racing UK referred to him as ‘Young Danny Sansom’!  Well Danny you have been called many things, most not printable here, but Danny I think Mowgli is better.

An obvious improvement on the whole outcome was the fact that Reg, again in his fit of euphoric excitement, even managed to stay on his feet – I understand he was not on his feet into the early hours of the morning as he spent a lot of time on his back laid flat out on the dance floor!.

When I spoke to him this morning, having been AWOL for the weekend he said it was an absolute cracking experience, he is still on cloud 9 so long may it last my little red haired rhino.

Reg was driving, James was co pilot.  They made good time until they arrived somewhere near the Scottish borders when Reg saw a tartan in a shop window named as ‘The Eggleton Tartan’. In his astonishment he slammed on the breaks to get a closer look which woke up his co pilot with a jolt and who was not impressed (he had been asleep since passing Amesbury)!  He went on to say the Eggleton Tartan was amazing, pink with yellow spots and if he could remember where he’d seen it he’d get a suit made for Lucy’s wedding for each of the Eggleton Clan! Pink and yellow spots, blimey Reg you would look like a naked Mr Blobby! ………..Blobby, Blobby, Blobby……


What a weekend and what a result – yard prize money won this year has already exceeded all previous efforts, £260,000 and increasing.


Still on a high the Boss invited all out last night for a meal and a few drinks to celebrate the season’s success at the Black Horse. He’s not a bad as he looks you know!

It was a superb evening, good food, good company and good to get home sober and in one piece!

Kind regards to all,