1. Why an owner, Why at Wilsford.

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(A new owners testimonial on starting their journey with us at Wilsford) :-

Our opportunity to go racing regularly, beyond Cheltenham and the odd meeting, came when we moved to Somerset, working in hospitality. Our week days became our weekends and living near Taunton we joined as members. Thirteen years later and we find ourselves members at three courses, out of work (we sold the business) and with time on our hands. From our early days as punters our interest grew and we joined several syndicates including a flat runner in France! The most successful was Western Miller, with Charlie Longsdon, who took us to the festival twice. This was great fun but something was missing. Although the syndicates we were in were small, typically eight shares, we had little input into the key decisions and Charlie was just too far away from us to visit and watch the progress of the horse. So what to do? We decided that we wished to find a trainer near to our new home in Wincanton, so plenty around us to chose from. One who ran mostly in the SW, and who would help us and steer us through our journey.Well sometimes things are just meant to happen. Ready to take the plunge but not decided where to dive in, we were up in the O&T’s at Wincanton when a ginger beard said “I know you”. I had helped teach a young James Mullins to shoot many years ago and he remembered a much slimmer version of me! So “what are you up to?” I said, and the dice was cast! Seamus and the team at Wilsford ticked all our boxes and following a visit to the yard we sat down and talked through our plans……….