3. “I have found you a horse”. Kate takes the plunge!

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The call came in, “are you free to visit the yard, I have been to the sales?” During the trip along the A303 we were buzzing with excitement, five to look at, would we like any of them, would we be disappointed? Pulling into the yard we entered the office to find a rather relaxed looking Seamus offering us a coffee and even a bacon roll. We were off the bridle with repressed excitement but Seamus looked so nonchalant he could have been on a donkey derby at Aberystwyth beach. The time came to see the contenders. We were looking for strong types with the range and potential, we hoped, to become chasers. Of the five shown to us, all of which clearly had potential, Seamus had one in mind. A Master of the Horse sired gelding, the conformation was good and the horse was sweet natured, glistening coat and pricked ears – yes that would suit us well. There was a problem though, we liked another of them, a darker coated gelding sired by Laverock. As they were shown and then trotted around the small training ring, there was a flash of spirit in this one which caught our eye. What to do? We had come to hopefully buy one horse. We could keep two in training but had thought to stagger the ages. But we liked them both. We reached our hands out to shake Seamus’s hand, we would have them both!